Product Overview

Grease Trap Block contains containing enzyme protein as active ingredients.

It is designed to continuously release effective levels of the active ingredients into drain lines. There, it degrades organic wastes such as fats, oils, grease (FOGs) and food scraps into harmless by-products, thus eliminating blockages and non-conformance to local waste disposal limits. 


Unique Features

  • Continuous FOGs degradation and odor control for up to 1 month

  • 100% water soluble and biodegradable

  • No equipment or mechanical installation required

  • Safe

  • Flexible

  • User friendly

  • Environment friendly

  • Based on Proprietary Controlled Release Technology


Product Customisation

Products can be customised in terms of 

  • Packaging

  • Actives and bacteria

  • Shape

  • Colour


More Information


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