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Product Overview

Grease Trap Block is a solid, controlled release formula containing high numbers of safe, non-pathogenic, naturally-occurring bacteria as active ingredients. It is designed to continuously release effective levels of those to grease traps, drain lines, or lift stations.

It degrades organic wastes such as fats, oils, grease (FOGs) and food scraps, into harmless by-products of carbon dioxide and water, thus eliminating blockages and non-conformance to local waste disposal limits. Grease Trap Block also breaks down hydrogen sulfide and ammonia, the main causes of foul odours, hence preventing such odours from emitting from the grease traps and lift stations.

Product Differentiation

The market for Grease Trap Management is currently satisfied by blocks based on high molecular weight surfactants with bacteria embedded into them. 

Such solutions present significant technical limitations: blocks break down in chunks; solid surfactants are not efficient; and the block has a high density, causing it to sink and requiring external aids.


Hydroemission blocks, based on proprietary polymeric controlled release technology- expand the product capabilities by enabling the usage of more efficient liquid surfactants, enzymes and bacteria.
Hydroemission blocks are completely biodegradable and designed to dissolve progressively over one month. 

Apart from the obvious technical advantages, Hydroemission's GTBs are more cost efficient, supporting cost saving of up to 15%.

Unique Features

  • Continuous FOGs degradation and odor control for up to 1 month

  • 100% water soluble and biodegradable

  • Concentrated and light, low shipping costs

  • No equipment or mechanical installation required

  • Safe, enhanced performances, floating 

  • Environment-friendly

Usage Directions

For best results, we suggest to apply the Grease Trap Block after the grease trap or lift station has been cleaned.

The block gradually dissolves throughout the treatment duration, and eventually dissolves.

The number of Grease Trap Blocks to apply varies according to the size of the system.

Each Grease Trap Block lasts up to 1 month in use. The longevity of the block varies with water temperature, flow rates, and operating hours.


Download more technical information at the Knowledge Center

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