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Condensate and Cooling Water Treatment

Maintaining the A/C system clean and efficient

Condensate treatment products leverage controlled release technology to keep condensate drain pans and drain lines clean and free-flowing continuously.


Bacteria, mold spores, and their odors do not propagate and are not introduced into the air stream while cooling water treatment products follow the same concept to prevent algae growth, biofilm development, corrosion, and scaling in the sump, cooling fins, and piping of the cooling tower system, thereby reducing maintenance frequency and improving cooling efficiency.

Air Con Film continuously releases effective levels of a broad spectrum biocide into condensate drain pans of split type wall mounted air conditioners or other smaller air conditioning systems.


The active ingredients prevent bacteria, mold growth, odors, and overflow.

Air Con Film (ACF017)

Air Con Block is a version of the product designed for commercial cooling systems [e.g. fan coil units (FCUs), air handling units (AHUs), cold displays, and cold storage].

Air Con Block (CDB028)

Air Con Block (CDB100) is a larger version of Air Con Block (CDB028), designed for treating larger systems.

Air Con Block (CDB100)

Eco Block continuously releases a surfactant into condensate drain pans of commercial cooling systems to prevent biofilm development, mold growth, and pan overflow.


It is eco-friendly, not corrosive to metals, and safe for direct discharge into the environment.

Eco Block (ECO-BLK028)

Cooling Tower Block contains a blend of a broad spectrum biocide, algaecide, corrosion inhibitor and scale inhibitor as active ingredients.


It continuously releases effective levels of those into the cooling water of cooling towers.

Cooling Tower Block (CTB750)