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Drain Pan Tablets - OEM

Form: Solid tablet, rubbery texture 
Application: Slime Prevention on Condensate Drain Pan 
Duration: Lasting up to 6 Months, depending on environmental conditions


We support product customisation in terms of size, shape, color, packaging and boxing.

Additional costs incurred for customisation -if applicable- are transferred at cost.

Tablets can be added with Essential Oils or Fragrances, including Fragrances with anti odor properties.


Corrosiveness: Slightly Corrosive on zinc powder coated trays
Toxicity: Toxic


Hydroemission's preferred freight forwarder is DHL and we will quote based on their fees.
Hydroemission's responsibility for shipments managed by the Company and supported by DHL is limited to 1-1 replacement of products damaged in transportation, upon return of the damaged ones.
Upon request, we are able to support shipments by self-collection or using different freight forwarders. In such case, we will not accept responsibility for delays or damages to the goods being shipped.


3402.90.1400 - Other Non-Ionic Organic Surface Active Agents
Upon request, we can use Country specific codes 





1. Place the tablet in the condensate drain pan away from the drain opening.
2. Wait for a minimum of five minutes after application before equipment start-up.
3. When the drain pan begins to collect condensate water, the block will adhere to the pan and begin to slowly dissolve and provide treatment. 

The condensate drain pan block will not float or move in the drain pan, and over time it will completely dissolve. When the product is no longer visible, please replace it.


Download more technical information at the Knowledge Center 

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