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Floating Controlled-release Systems for Extended Treatment of Surface of Water Bodies

Technology Overview

Current treatment of surface of water bodies (e.g. in mosquito larviciding) is carried out by dosing actives directly into the entire water body. 


This approach requires much more actives than actually needed, as actives will spread to the rest of the water body before the treatment is completed. This increases treatment cost and causes environmental pollution. There are commercialised floatation systems which are made buoyant with materials such as styrofoam, saw dust and cork. 


However, such materials are not water-soluble and affect the active's release and solubility profile and may themselves become sources of environment pollution. This technology deploys a porous, water-soluble and biodegradable, polymeric matrix that stays afloat on surface of water bodies for extended periods of time, releasing actives at predetermined dosages throughout the treatment period, in order to bring about the desired treatment effect. 


This matrix is capable of encapsulating practically any actives at low pressures and room temperature, ensuring the integrity of the encapsulated actives.


Technology Features & Specifications

  • Extrusion-based process

  • Floats at surface of water bodies

  • Activated by water Controlled-release of actives - predetermined dosages throughout treatment period

  • Customisable treatment period - from 1 week to up to 6 months

  • Customisable treatment surface area - from 1 sqm to 1 hectare 100% water soluble and biodegradable—no residue at the end of treatment period

  • Able to encapsulate actives in liquid, gel and solid forms

  • Able to encapsulate actives which are temperature-sensitive or water-sensitive

  • Actives loading of up to 60% by weight of polymeric matrix

  • Can be incorporated with adjuvants such as UV filters and dispersants

  • Processing at low pressures and room temperature

  • Can be made available in tablet, film and granule forms

Potential Applications

  • Eradication and control of surface breeding insects (e.g. mosquito larvae) incorporated with biological and chemical mosquito larvicides

  • Eradication and control of floating algae - incorporated with bacteria and enzymes that compete with algae for nutrients

  • Other applications including bioremediation

Customer Benefits

  • Improved treatment effectiveness

  • Improved treatment consistency

  • Reduced actives consumption

  • Lower treatment costs arising from materials and labour

  • Reduced environmental impact of actives and dispersion/floatation systems

  • Simplified treatment procedure

  • Controlled Release Products based proprietary platform

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