AntiBac Film - 10 pcs box

Antibac Film disinfects and purifies the air by combating airborne microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses through the controlled release of Tea Tree Oil vapors, renowned for their naturally powerful antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal properties. Antibac Film is also effective in eradicating and controlling mold growth on furniture, walls, ceilings, and within air conditioning vents and ducts.


Antibac Film is ideal for use in hotel rooms, offices, clinics, and schools.


Unique features

• With Controlled Release Technology

• Activated by airflow from air-conditioning systems

• Compatible with all types of air-conditioning systems

• No machinery or mechanical installation required

• No electricity or heat required

• Made with 100% pure Tea Tre Oil

• In solid form - no spills or leakages

• Invisible after application

• Safe and easy to use

• Environmentally friendly

• Easily distributed by air or sea as non-DG goods

AntiBac Film - 10 pcs box

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