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Cooling Tower Block contains a blend of a broad spectrum biocide, algaecide, corrosion inhibitor and scale inhibitor as active ingredients. It is designed to release effective levels of these active ingredients continuously, to the cooling water of cooling towers, to prevent algae growth, biofilm development, corrosion and scaling in the sump, cooling fins and piping of the cooling tower system, thereby reducing maintenance frequency and improving cooling efficiency.


Unique features

• With Controlled Release Technology

• Continuous cleaning, algae and biofilm control, corrosion

and scale inhibition for up to 3 months

• 100% water soluble

• Reduces cooling tower maintenance frequency

• Eliminates chemical handling and dosing

• Improves cooling efficiency

• Safe

• User friendly

Cooling Tower Block - 10 pcs box

  • For best results, apply Cooling Tower Block after the cooling tower has been cleaned. Drop a Cooling Tower Block into the sump. It gradually dissolves throughout the treatment duration, and eventually disappears from sight. The quantity of Cooling Tower Blocks to be applied will vary according to the size of the system. As a guideline, apply 1 Cooling Tower Block every 40 refrigeration tons (RTs).

    Each Cooling Tower Block lasts up to 3 month in use. The longevity of the block varies with condensate volume, which is in turn affected by climatic and system operational conditions.