FCOV Film - 10 pcs box

FCOV Film sanitizes the air by combating airborne microbial, including viruses through the controlled release of proprietary blend of terpenes vapors.


The FCOV Film is ideal for use in both residential and commercial properties such as hotel rooms, offices, clinics, and schools, where the need emerges for continuous protection. Moreover, the FCOV Film introduces a mild mint-woody smell that is easily recognizable and an evidence to the guest that the area is being treated, increasing confidence.


Each FCOV Film treats a 40 sqm space for up to 2 weeks (based on daily, 12 hour air conditioning or SF holder operation).



The FCOV Film contains a highly concentrated gel of pure Terpenes. Wrong activation or application may result in damages to the product or to the appliances that enter in contact with it. Do not leave the FCOV Film in contact with wood or other varnished surfaces.

FCOV Film - 10 pcs box

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