FCOV(TM) Hand Block (400 pcs box)

The FCOV(TM) Hand Block is an FAST DISSOLVING BLOCK that quickly transform 500 ml of water into an alcohol-free and fragrance-free hand sanitizer.


To prepare the hand sanitizer, the user only needs to drop one block in water 15 minutes before application and let it dissolve.

The FCOV(TM) Hand Block addresses the intrinsic difficulties of the supply chain in sanitation. Alcohol based sanitizers are expensive to produce, ship and store,

causing value destruction at all steps of the supply chain. By avoiding all hidden distribution costs of typical sanitation products, the FCOV(TM) Hand Block allows

massive costs saving in both the B2C and the B2B markets.


Being transported in bulk as non-DG, the FCOV(TM) Hand Block further allows efficient distribution in Countries with limited infrastructure or in remote rural areas,

representing a significant advantage to governmental and super-national efforts, allowing any minimal supply of water to be transformed into a hand sanitizer


Each box contains 400 pcs of FCOV(TM) Hand Block, enough for 200 litres of hand sanitizers.


Unique features

• Made with Benzalkonium Chloride (BKC)

• Achieving 0.10% BKC concentration after activation in water

• Activate completely in 10 min in stagnant water

• Environmentally friendly

• In solid form - no spills or leakages

• Individually packaged

• Easy and inexpensive to ship and store as non-DG goods

• Fragrance-Free, Dye-Free

FCOV(TM) Hand Block (400 pcs box)


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