Grease Trap Floating Block GTBE300 - 10 pcs pack

Grease Trap Block is a solid, controlled release formula containing high numbers of safe, non-pathogenic, naturally-occurring bacteria; enzymes; and liquid surfactant.


It is designed to continuously release effective levels of actives to grease traps, drain lines, or lift stations.

It degrades organic wastes such as fats, oils, grease (FOGs) and food scraps, into harmless by-products of carbon dioxide and water, thus eliminating blockages and non-conformance to local waste disposal limits. Grease Trap Block also breaks down hydrogen sulfide and ammonia, the main causes of foul odours, hence preventing such odours from emitting from the grease traps and lift stations.

Grease Trap Floating Block GTBE300 - 10 pcs pack

SKU: GTBE-300_010
300 Grams
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