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Hydroemission has developed a range of popular controlled release products it manufactures and sells for convenient off-the-shelf applications.


Air Purification

A step towards better, cleaner air

The Air Purification line is based on a range of controlled release products with pure Tea Tree Oil to purify the air from bacteria and mold.

Ideal for use in commercial spaces such as hotel rooms, offices, clinics, and schools.


Ambient Scenting

Changing the way consumers perceive products and services

ScentFilm is a passive, controlled release fragrance delivery system applied and distributed through the supply or return vents of air conditioning systems or air handling units.

Available in over 60 fragrances or custom fragrances, it is ideal for use in a wide variety of commercial spaces.

Fresh, breathable air in an instant

In order to address environmental concerns due to bad smells, a subset of ScentFilms are available with an additional odour neutraliser feature. They work continuously, effectively and naturally to freshen commercial spaces.


Condensate and Cooling Water Treatment

Maintaining the A/C system clean and efficient

Condensate treatment products leverage controlled release technology to keep condensate drain pans and drain lines clean and free-flowing continuously.


Bacteria, mold spores, and their odors do not propagate and are not introduced into the air stream while cooling water treatment products follow the same concept to prevent algae growth, biofilm development, corrosion, and scaling in the sump, cooling fins, and piping of the cooling tower system, thereby reducing maintenance frequency and improving cooling efficiency.


Grease Remediation

Keeping drainage lines clean with minimal environmental impact and effort

Grease Trap Block is a solid, controlled release formula containing high numbers of safe, non-pathogenic, naturally-occurring bacteria strains as active ingredients. It is designed to continuously release effective levels of those to grease traps, drain lines, or lift stations.


There it degrades organic wastes such as fats, oils, grease (FOGs) and food scraps, into harmless by-products of carbon dioxide and water, thus eliminating blockages and non-conformance to local waste disposal limits.​


Grease Trap Block also breaks down hydrogen sulfide and ammonia, the main causes of foul odors, to prevent such odors from emitting from lift stations, grease traps or drain lines.


Mosquito Control

Controlling a major nuisance at its source

Mosquito Larvicide Block is a solid, controlled release formula, containing a mosquito larvicide as an active ingredient. It is available in four different products tailored to specific applications and needs.

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