The Confidence Of The Highest Quality In Scent Marketing

The development of a Scent Marketing strategy in China presents a unique set of challenges.


Forbes, in its "The Ten Principles For Doing Business In China" suggests that the first thing to do in China is to get the management team to take a week off to go to experience the Country. 

To understand China, we have hit the ground ourselves, going through the many practical difficulties of localised  implementation, without ever forgetting that the Country is continuously evolving.

The ScentFilm offers very clear competitive advantages for Retailers, who are able to reduce costs and get a more flexible, safer and more efficient proposition.  Retailers are able to achieve a global expansion of their Scent Marketing strategy at their pace, and at a very reasonable cost.

In the Hotel Industry, the ScentFilm allows Brands to expand their focus above the check-in stage, accompanying Guests throughout the Customer Journey.

With hundreds of monthly installations, Hydroemission is a market leader for Scent Marketing and Ambient Scenting worldwide.