Molletti: A New Chapter For Scent Marketing In Dubai

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Dubai has been an economically dynamic city since long before the establishment of the UAE in 1971. 

In the years since, it has demonstrated a track record of remarkable economic growth and political stability, moving  from being a small, local trading city into a global hub of commerce.

Strategically located at the crossroads of trade and commerce between Europe, Africa and Asia, Dubai has leveraged its position and built world-class infrastructure to become the undisputed regional hub for trade, logistics, business, finance, retail and leisure.

The entrepreneurs behind Molletti started the Company "out of a passion for amazing scents, and with a clear vision to deliver a great customer experience".

Molletti is probably the fastest and most innovative Scent Marketing company operating in the UAE. It is able to guide its Clients in the across the most sophisticated scent solutions, developing customised fragrances looking at the global trends with a cultural touch.

Based on Hydroemission's proprietary Green Tech framework, the ScentFilm is a highly innovative, patented, B2B Ambient Scenting product.