Scent Marketing: Scalable And Cost Effective By Design


Operating in Hong Kong, one of the world’s most competitive business hubs, you are perfectly aware of the need of differentiation and of defining your Brand Positioning. At the same time, we know how constantly growing running costs limit your options.

Whether you want to select a fragrance from our library, to duplicate a scent you already have, or you want us to design a unique scent for you, we are happy to offer the flexibility of a solution tailored around your needs.

ScentFilm is the new generation of Scent Marketing: its extreme flexibility makes it easy to apply in a hotel room as well as in a lobby or in any kind of retail store; it is the first in the world to be recognised a Green Label, and it is cost effective.

The ScentFilm offers very clear competitive advantages for Retailers, who are able to reduce costs and get a more flexible, safer and more efficient proposition.  Retailers are able to achieve a global expansion of their Scent Marketing strategy without difficulties, at their pace, and at a very reasonable cost.

In the Hotel Industry, the ScentFilm allows Brands to expand their focus above the check-in stage, accompanying Guests throughout the Customer Journey.

Hydroemission has been collaborating with ScenTech in HongKong for many years. With hundreds of monthly installations, ScenTech is a market leader for Scent Marketing in Asia.