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Surface Sanitation

Line Overview

Extensive sanitation needs arising from COVID-19 are adding high costs to both businesses and consumers.

Costs are mostly related to the supply chain, and involve processing, transportation, and storage of dangerous substances.

The FCOV line addresses this issue by revolutionising the product usage through Controlled Release Technology.

The line is identified in two classes of products , to be applied selectively to air sanitation and hands/surfaces sanitation.

FCOV Block: for hand and surface sanitation

  • Based on Benzalkonium Chloride (BKC) and a proprietary blend of Terpenes (FCOV Oil)

  • Each tablet achieve 0.10% BKC concentration after activation in water (500 ml)

  • Activate completely in 30 min in stagnant water

  • Environment friendly

  • In solid form - no spills or leakages

  • Easy and inexpensive to ship and store as non-DG goods

Usage Direction


Dosage Rates

Dissolving 1Tablet  in 500 ml of tab water gives a concentration of 0.10% BKC, in line with the requirements by the National Environment Agency in Singapore.

The main Active Ingredient:  BENZALKONIUM CHLORIDE (BKC)

Benzalkonium chloride (BKC) is effective against Covid-19 in percent of min 0.05% as stated by academic research  and reported by the National Environment Agency in Singapore.


Furthermore, BKC is proven to have a longer lasting effect than ethanol based sanitisers.

FCOV Blocks further contain a proprietary blend of Turpenes (FCOV Oil) that has been tested as efficient against human coronavirus. 

Terpenes add a level of efficacy against human coronavirus and a smothering effect to the skin.

 Download test report from the Knowledge Center  [FCOV Free of COVID / 03 - TEST REPORTS] 

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