Solving Industry Problems through Strategic Partnerships

Partner with us to gain access to leading-edge R&D and controlled release expertise.

Hydroemission can provide the resources you need to make an existing product more effective or develop a new differentiated custom solution.

The guiding principle is to identify ingenuous solutions that enable:


Fewer people, fewer skills required to perform the same job


Actives are used more efficiently, lowering costs and minimising environmental impact


Leveraging well established proprietary platforms we measure product prototyping in weeks


By treating actives through CRT, we enable the extension of the patent life for proprietary actives 

Hydroemission can support you providing early stage manufacturing capabilities for phased production or initial market penetration. 

If the identified solution is sufficiently novel to qualify for a patent application, we can further guide you in the filing of joint patents.

Case Studies

Upgrading the paints and coatings industry

HEM’s CRT when combined with coating additives such as corrosion inhibitors, allows them to be released only as needed, throughout the desired treatment period, improving the coating’s overall performance and environmental compatibility.

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Controlled Release Pesticides

Most of the pesticide released into the environment is lost before reaching its target, due to physical, chemical or biological factors, and some more persistent pesticides can accumulate in the environment and prove hazardous to non-target species. Therefore, a growing emphasis has emerged on developing less persistent but more selective pesticides.

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Reduce Cost & Labor by Converting Actives into Concentrated, Fast Dissolving Tablets

This technology converts active ingredients in the form of liquids, gels, or solids into pre-measured solid dosages containing up to 80% of active ingredients, which dissolves quickly in contact with water, reducing single-use plastics waste and pollution caused by releasing excessive actives into the environment due to inaccurate dosage measurement.

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Biodegradable Controlled Release Microparticles for Environmental Applications

The Technology enables a secondary carrier matrix to acquire controlled release properties. It improves treatment efficacy; reduces consumption of actives; makes them safer and easier to handle, and protects actives from environmental degradation (e.g. UV).

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Fast Dissolving Concentrate Tablet for Cost Efficient Hand and Surface Sanitisers

In tablet form and individually packaged, the product can be produced and shipped easily, allowing a cost reduction to the consumer of up to 85%, compared to other widely distributed sanitisers.

The technology allows a brand to reposition its product line, differentiating itself through innovation, while significantly reducing the cost structure of the supply chain. 

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Controlled Release Membrane Delivery System for Ambient Treatment Applications

Prolonged and continuous ambient treatment effect Reduce dosage frequency No direct contact with volatile actives Safe and easy to use Easily transported by air or sea as non-DG goods Environmentally friendly.

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Biodegradable Controlled Release Matrix Tablets for Environmental Applications

The technology enhances treatment efficacy; reduces consumption of actives; prevents environmental pollution.

Actives are safer and easier to handle and it protects actives from environmental degradation.

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Floating Controlled-release Systems for Extended Treatment of Surface of Water Bodies

Actives are safer and easier to handle and it protects actives from environmental degradation.This technology deploys a porous, water-soluble and biodegradable, polymeric matrix that stays afloat on surface of water bodies for extended periods of time, releasing actives at predetermined dosages throughout the treatment period, in order to bring about the desired treatment effect. 

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