Scalable, Adaptable, Cost-Effective Systems

Controlled release technology is an approach based on materials science and with its roots in pharmaceuticals to dose active ingredients into the environment at predetermined rates and duration to bring about the desired treatment effects, without the use of machinery or equipment.

Hydroemission’s technological offerings span a multitude of controlled release delivery systems to cater to wide-ranging application requirements. Those currently offered are:

Biodegradable Controlled Release Matrix Tablets for Environmental Applications

Biodegradable Controlled Release Microparticles for Non-Medical Applications

Controlled Release Membrane Delivery System for Ambient Treatment Applications

Hydroemission’s controlled release delivery systems are characterized by the following unique features:

  • Flexible - They are able to encapsulate practically any actives, ranging from powders to gels or liquids, with up to an 80% payload. They also offer a high degree of release profile manipulation capability.

  • Non-invasive – Processing is carried out at ambient temperatures (20 – 30 °C) and pressures (5 – 50 psi), maintaining the integrity of the actives.

  • Cost-effective - They are produced using an innovative extrusion-based approach which reduces production costs.

  • Biodegradable – Controlled release matrixes and devices are biodegradable, to ensure complete compatibility with the application environment.

  • Scalable – Manufacturing processes and equipment are simple and cost effective, enabling quick and easy product scale-up.

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