Enabling a Greener Future 

Hydroemission is a material science company extending from R&D to manufacturing of Controlled Released products.


We have developed a series of proprietary platforms to develop innovative products to lower environmental impact;  reduce labour requirements; and improve Health & Safety. Application range from Pesticides to Sanitation and Ambient Scenting.

Several product lines are ready for commercialisation, each of them available for customisation.


Hydroemission further collaborates with SMEs and MNCs to support their product development teams transforming products or finding innovative solution to known market needs.

Controlled Release Technologies

Controlled Release is an approach based on materials science to dose active ingredients into the environment of application at predetermined rates and duration to bring about the desired treatment effects, without the use of machinery or equipment.

Designed by Hydroemission​

Hydroemission develop Controlled Release frameworks focusing on being

  • Flexible - Able to encapsulate practically any actives, ranging from powders to gels or liquids, with up to an 80% payload. They also offer a high degree of release profile manipulation capability.


  • Non-invasive – Processing is carried out at ambient temperatures (20 – 30 °C) and pressures (5 – 50 psi), maintaining the integrity of actives.


  • Cost-effective - They are produced using a proprietary extrusion-based approach which reduces production costs.


  • Biodegradable – Controlled release matrixes are fully biodegradable, to ensure complete compatibility with the application's environment.


  • Scalable – Manufacturing processes are simple and cost effective, enabling quick and easy product scale-up.



Hydroemission has customised and patented three proprietary platforms for Matrix, Gels, and Micro-encapsulation.

Each of these has been developed to enable production without need of high temperatures nor industrial pressures, preserving the actives and expanding their operational capabilities.

We leverage on these for either product development or to quickly identify solutions for Open Innovation Partners.



A range of highly differentiating Controlled Release Products that we either sell off-the-shelf or we customise and manufacture OEM. 


Tech Offers

We work closely with industry leaders to identify wide-ranging solutions, based on repurposing innovative Controlled Release Technology. 

Supporting Partners from R&D to OEM

Our value proposition extends from Research and Development to Manufacturing.  We work with both SMEs and MNCs, customising the business proposition depending on the Customer’s need and scale of operation.

We collaborate with our Partners from product development to manufacturing, shifting revenue generation to the production phase, and accepting the risk that in the continuum between R&D and Operations Partners may exit the collaboration if we do not create value.

IP Management is maintained at the highest level of attention, and represents one key offer proposition. Depending on the project, we can support the Partner in the development of joint IPs, or we can license our IPs exclusively to the specific industry or market.

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