Enabling a Greener Future 

Leveraging on proprietary Controlled Release Technology (CRT) platforms, we solve industrial challenges in multiple industries, adding intelligence to Actives; enabling them to outperform themselves in terms of efficiency; resulting in lower application and  supply chain costs; reducing pollution and carbon footprint across the product lifecycle.


Hydroemission CRT is a disruptive technology capable of transforming almost any application where environmental impact, application cost or specific technical constrains represent a concern.

In a nutshell, Hydroemission CRT:

  • Reduce environmental pollution

  • Reduce carbon footprint

  • Reduce treatment costs, and

  • Improve treatment efficacy


In the course of the years, we have developed a range of highly differentiating Controlled Release Products that we either sell off-the-shelf or we customise and manufacture OEM. 

Hydroemission products are sold worldwide.

RnD Services

We work closely with industry leaders to identify wide-ranging solutions, based on repurposing innovative Controlled Release Technology. 

Depending on the project, we can then produce in OEM or provide Specialty Chemicals after a Technology Transfer.

Hydroemission Controlled Release Technology


Hydroemission’s controlled release delivery systems are characterised by the following unique features:

  • Flexible - They are able to encapsulate practically any actives, ranging from powders to gels or liquids, with up to an 80% payload. They also offer a high degree of release profile manipulation capability.


  • Non-invasive – Processing is carried out at ambient temperatures (20 – 30 °C) and pressures (5 – 50 psi), maintaining the integrity of the actives.


  • Cost-effective - They are produced using an innovative extrusion-based approach which reduces production costs.


  • Biodegradable – Controlled release matrixes and devices are biodegradable, to ensure complete compatibility with the application environment.


  • Scalable – Manufacturing processes and equipment are simple and cost effective, enabling quick and easy product scale-up.

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