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Hydroemission develops a range of ready-to-use industrial products made from plant-based polymers.



Industrial Treatment

These highly effective product lines are designed to minimize the impact of industrial applications while maintaining efficiency and minimising labor requirements. Industrial lines are customised for a global network of distributors.

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hydroemission ambient scenting


Ambient Scenting

Our ambient scenting line of products provides continuous scenting of ambient spaces without adding particulate to the environment. 

It is environment friendly, supports indoor air quality efforts, is invisible after application, and lasts up to 30 days.



The bioremediation line provides continuous biological degradation of organic wastes such as fats, oils, and grease in grease traps; it keep the traps clean and free of odours for up to 30 days per application. 

Biologicals are encapsulated in plant derived biodegradable polymers and treat the area of application without chemicals  or residues.

Hydroemission Bioremediation
Hydroemission Drain Pan Treatment


Condensate Treatment

Our condensate treatment line provides continuous cleaning and disinfection of condensate drain pans and pipes, keeping them clean and free of clogs for up to 6 months per application.

The product can be customised with bio-surfactant that do not harm acquatic life.


Mosquito Control

The mosquito control line eradicates mosquito larvae in breeding grounds and prevent the emergence of adult mosquitoes. Each application is effective for up to 30 days.

Hydroemission Mosquito Control
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