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Mosquito Control - OEM

Our approach to Mosquito Control makes public health management more sustainably effective by reducing chemical usage and labour, and eliminating environmental contamination.

Slow Release Tablets

In a slow release tablet, pest control actives are encapsulated in a matrix tablet that is applied to a body of water for time-released, measured delivery

Water bodies and water drainage systems are prone to pest infestations and pollution, leading to diseases and environmental degradation. Conventional methods of control involve pouring or spraying pesticides into the water, but this approach only offers short term effects while contaminating the environment and harming wildlife. Our approach ensures minimal dosage to achieve maximum results and these proven benefits:


  • 90% reduction in actives consumption

  • reduction in application frequency

  • overall cost reduction

  • Elimination of leaching of actives into the environment

  • Reduction of labour but increased efficiency

Fast Release Tablets

Current pest control and sanitation procedures often require the worker to manually measure and prepare a liquid solution of the actives prior to application. That process invites measurement errors while putting workers at risk of chemical exposure.

In a fast release matrix tablet, actives are encapsulated and applied to the water body for instantaneous release upon contact with water, as a ready-to-use solution with no need for pre-measurement

In contrast, our solution:


  • Eliminates pre-measurement and mixing of chemicals

  • Helps avoid handling of chemicals in powder or liquid form

  • Ensures accurate dosages


Active Ingredient    TEMEPHOS 1%
Dilution rate product     Ready to use
Application rate product    1 pellet per 100L water

Duration    Continuous treatment up to 30 days


Active Ingredient    Bti (Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis) 7.5 mil CFU/gram
Dilution rate product     Ready to use

Application rate product    1 pellet per 100L water

Duration    Continuous treatment up to 30 days


We support product customisation in terms of size, shape, color, formula, packaging and boxing.

Additional costs incurred for customisation -if applicable- are transferred at cost.


3808.91.9900 - Insecticides, put up in forms or packings for retail sale or as preparations or articles in other formats without deodorising function​


Hydroemission's preferred freight forwarder is DHL and -whenever required- we will quote based on their fees.
Hydroemission's responsibility for shipments managed by the Company and supported by DHL is limited to 1-1 replacement of products damaged in transportation, upon return of the damaged ones.




Download more technical information at the Knowledge Center

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