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Reduce Cost & Labor by Converting Actives into Concentrated, Fast Dissolving Tablets

Technology Overview

This technology converts active ingredients in the form of liquids, gels, or solids into pre-measured solid dosages containing up to 80% of active ingredients, which dissolves quickly in contact with water, reducing single-use plastics waste and pollution caused by releasing excessive actives into the environment due to inaccurate dosage measurement.

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Technology Features & Specifications

​A proprietary encapsulation technology converts the active ingredients and is performed at ambient temperatures and pressure, to maintain the integrity of the actives. Dosages range from 5g to 500g, depending on the application requirements.

Upon contact with water, the tablet dissolves within 15 mins, leaving no solid residues. This encapsulation technology and method can be applied to a wide number of active ingredients, including insecticides, water treatment chemicals, detergents, fragrances, and many more.

Potential Applications

This technology may be applied to wide-ranging applications and markets.

For example:


  • Pest Control: A pest control operator can conveniently transport a 10-gram insecticidal tablet and dissolve it into 5 liters of water at the application site. Within minutes, the application solution is ready for the operator to spray onto the target areas.


  • Cooling Towers: A cooling tower water treatment technician can conveniently transport a 100-gram biocidal tablet to the application site. The technician can then dissolve it into 50 litres of water and within minutes start applying the solution into the cooling tower water treatment dosing system.


  • Consumer Use: For office or household use, simply dissolve a 5-gram detergent tablet into 500 ml of water in a reusable spray bottle. Within minutes the water is converted into an effective window cleaner solution and is ready to use.

Market Trends and Opportunities

There is an urgent global push for the reduction of single-use plastics, combined with accurate dosing of active ingredients, because those steps are needed to prevent ongoing damage to the environment.

Such unsustainable pollution and waste compromises public health and safety and increases the cost and burden of environmental clean-up.

Our technology represents a timely market opportunity because it is specifically designed and engineered to reduce the need for single-use plastics while improving dosage accuracy.

Customer Benefits

Multiple benefits include:

  • Elimination of single-use plastic

  • Prevention of environmental pollution

  • Reduced logistical and distribution costs

  • Pre-measured actives accuracy

  • Ease of transportation and application

  • Reduced product and labor costs

  • Improved workplace health and safety

  • Controlled Release Products based proprietary platform

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