Ambient Scenting

Product Overview

Hydroemission’s ScentFilm is a B2B Scent Marketing product.

It imparts a continuous ambient scent into the environment without machinery, electricity, or mechanical installation.

More importantly, it is invisible after application, environmental friendly, and cost effective.


Unique Features

  • With Controlled Release Technology

  • Activated by airflow from air- conditioning systems

  • Compatible with all types of air- conditioning systems

  • No machinery or mechanical installation required

  • No electricity or heat required

  • In solid form – no spills or leakages

  • Invisible after application - Safe and easy to use

  • Environmentally friendly

  • Easily distributed by air or sea as non-DG goods


The Right Scent Changes Everything

With an extensive library of more than 1,000 different scents and our capabilities to design signature scents exclusively for your brand, finding the right scent for your business is easy.


The right scent can draw customers into your premises, make them stay longer, and create a subconscious bond that makes customers think of you every time they experience your unique scent.

Hydroemission has all types of scents, including: Signature scents, Mood influencing scents (e.g. calming, uplifting etc), Festive scents (e.g. Christmas, New Year, etc.), Themed scents (e.g. beach, garden, etc.), Product scents (e.g. coffee, popcorn etc.)


Fresh, breathable air in an instant

In order to address environmental concerns due to bad smells, a subset of ScentFilms are available with an additional odour neutraliser feature. They work continuously, effectively and naturally to freshen commercial spaces.


More Information

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