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Air Purification

Product Overview

Based on Hydroemission's proprietary Green Tech framework, the Air Purification line enhance the Condensate Drain Pan line with pure Tea Tree Oil, for additional air purification against bacteria and mold.

The Condensate Drain Pan line is designed to prevent sludge build-up in condensate drain pans of air conditioning and refrigeration systems, and by doing so it reduces the risk of bacteria build up in the system. 
Still, its effect is limited to the drain pan. It does not proactively address spores or bacteria introduced from external sources.

That is where the Air Purification line makes a difference:  the natural Tea Tree Oil that add to the product is naturally diffused in the air through the Air Conditioning System and it neutralises bacteria and mold entering the environment from  other sources.

Ideal for use in both commercial spaces -such as hotel rooms, offices, clinics, and schools- and residential split units, it adds a fresh and natural smell of Tea Tree to the environment. 

Unique Features

  • With Tea Tree Oil

  • For all air conditioning and refrigerator Condensate Drain Pan applications

  • Continuous drain pan cleaning and disinfecting for up to 6 months

  • Cost Effective, safe, easy to apply, environment friendly

  • 100% water soluble

  • No external casing to dispose, metal and plastic safe

  • Adheres to drain pan, does not float or move


Commercial AHU

Place the block in the condensate drain pan away from the drain opening. 
When drain pan begins to collect condensate water, the block will adhere to the pan, begin to slowly dissolve and provide treatment. 

The Condensate Drain Pan Block will not float or move in the drain pan, and over time, it will completely dissolve. 

When the product is no longer visible, it is time to apply a new one. Wait a minimum of five minutes before equipment start-up.

Residential Split Units

The Air Con Film has been designed to fit into the tight fit drain pans of Split Unit air conditioning air handlers. 
Place the Air Con Film against the aluminum fins of the evaporator coil and on the inside of the inner edge of the drain pan, either horizontally or vertically. 

As the evaporator fins begin to sweat with condensate, the Air Con Film will slowly dissolve treatment into the drain pan, preventing sludge, odors, and overflows. 

The Air Con Film is sized to treat up to 5 tons and can be cut in half to treat multiple smaller evaporators.

Product Customisation

We support product customisation in terms of size, shape, packaging and actives.

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