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Air Sanitation

  • Based on a proprietary blend of Terpenes (FCOV Oil)

  • Compatible with all types of air- conditioning systems

  • Activated by airflow from air- conditioning systems

  • Pleasant natural mint-woody smell

  • No machinery or mechanical installation required

  • Based on proprietary Controlled Release Technology

Usage Direction


​1 Film for 40 square meters (3 m height, fair aircon usage)

The Active Ingredient:  FCOV Oil, a proprietary blend of Terpenes  

​The usage of Tea Tree Oil (TTO) against Coronaviruses dates to the SARS epidemic of 2003; since then, several articles have emerged defining a clear framework of operation (, and several other Terpenes have even been proven efficient against microbial and airborne influenza. 

In particular, the Terpenes blend that makes the FCOV Oil, has been identified by desktop research to achieve ideal volatility and maximum antiviral efficiency.

FCOV Oil qualifies for emerging viral pathogen claims per EPA’s Process for Making Claims Against Emerging Viral Pathogens.


The FCOV Oil has been proven efficient upon contact against human coronavirus on hard, nonporous surfaces.

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