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Precision Delivery &
Controlled Release.

We encapsulate crop protection materials such as insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, and fertilizers into biodegradable, controlled release delivery systems.



Delivery Platforms for Agritech

These systems deliver the crop protection materials only to the specific parts of the plant where they are needed, and release them at precise dosages. That improves and multiplies treatment efficacy to reduce waste and expense, with no environmental damage or harm to non-targets.



Trunk Implants

Crop protection materials such as insecticides are encapsulated into a solid matrix which is applied directly into the trunk.


Then, the matrix releases the active ingredients into the xylem of the plant, where it is efficiently transported to the leaves and other parts of the plant that are attacked by leaf-eating and stem-boring pests.

Hydroemission Trunk Implant
Hydroemission micro micelles



Crop protection inputs, such as fungicides and micronutrients are encapsulated into µ-Micelles which are then injected − without pressure − into the trunk.


From there, the actives are transported by the phloem directly into the roots of the plant.


Once they are within the root system, the crop protection materials can provide either inhibitive, curative, or nutritional effects to the roots. In addition to the trunk injection approach,

Micro Micelles can also be applied by soil drench and foliar spray methods.

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