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Air Con Block is designed to release effective levels of a broad spectrum biocide, continuously, to condensate drain pans of commercial cooling system [e.g. fan coil units (FCUs), air handling units (AHUs), cold displays, and cold storage] thus preventing biofilm development and mold growth in the pan. As a result, condensate drain pans and lines of the systems are clean and freeflowing.

Bacteria, mold spores, and their associated odors do not propagate and are not brought into the air stream. Air Con Block also prevents overflows of condensate water from the drain pan.

Drain Pan Tablets 5 RT - 20 pcs pack

SKU: CDB028_020
27 Grams
Tax Included
  • For best results, apply Air Con Block after cleaning the condensate drain pan.

    Place Air Con Block on the opposite side of the drain hole. The block will adhere to the pan after 5 minutes of contact with water. The block gradually dissolves throughout the treatment duration, and eventually disappears from sight.

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