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Tea Tree Film is designed to release effective levels of Tea Tree Oil and a broad spectrum biocide, continuously, to condensate drain pans of split unit air conditioners or other smaller air conditioning systems. The active ingredients prevent bacteria, mold growth in the drain pan.


As a result, condensate drain pans and drain lines of the systems are clean and free-flowing. Bacteria, mold spores, and their associated odors do not propagate and are not brought into the air stream. Tea Tree Film also prevents overflows of condensate

water from the drain pan.

Split Drain Pan Purifier - 20 pcs pack

SKU: TTF017_020
16 Grams
Tax Included
  • For best results, apply the Tea Tree Film after the air conditioning system has been cleaned. Insert film into the gap directly in front of

    the cooling coils (behind the filter), and on the opposite side of the drainage. The film gradually dissolves throughout the treatment

    duration and eventually disappears from sight. The quantity of Tea Tree Films to be applied will vary accordingly to the size of the

    system. As a guideline, apply 1 Tea Tree Film every 3 refrigeration tons (RTs). Each Tea Tree Film lasts up to 6 months in use. The

    longevity of the film varies with condensate volume, which is in turn affected by climatic and system operational conditions. If more

    than 1 film is used, place the films side by side. Do not stack them.

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