ScentFilm - 10 pcs box

ScentFilm imparts a continuous ambient scent into the environment without machinery, electricity, or mechanical installation. More importantly, it is invisible after application, environmental friendly, and cost effective.


Unique features

• With Controlled Release Technology

• Activated by airflow from air-conditioning systems

• Compatible with all types of air-conditioning systems

• No machinery or mechanical installation required

• No electricity or heat required

• In solid form - no spills or leakages

• Invisible after application

• Safe and easy to use

• Environmentally friendly

• Easily distributed by air or sea as non-DG goods



The ScentFilm contains a highly concentrated gel of pure fragrance. Wrong activation or application may result in damages to the product or to the appliances that enter in contact with it. Do not leave the ScentFilm in contact with wood or other varnished surfaces.

ScentFilm - 10 pcs box

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25 Grams
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